Hurricane Ian Leaves Florida In Disarray

Karen Clark & Company (KCC, 0.0%), a catastrophe risk management firm based in Boston estimates that the privately insured loss from Hurricane Ian will be close to $63 billion, with a majority of those losses coming from wind, storm surge, and inland flooding from across the affected areas.[1] The storm began as a tropical depression in the central Caribbean Sea approximately five days before making landfall in southwest Florida just after 3PM on September 28th with winds of 150 mph. Hurricane Ian made a second landfall on the afternoon of September 30th near Caines, South Carolina as a Category 1 hurricane with winds of 85 mph.[2] KCC estimates that Ian will be the largest hurricane loss in Florida history, in nominal dollars, with total economic damage in excess of $100 billion including uninsured properties, damage to infrastructure and other cleanup/recovery costs.[3] At the time of this writing, the death toll from the storm stood at just over 104 people in Florida and that number is unfortunately expected to rise as recovery efforts continue across the most impacted areas of the state.[4]

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